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Why should I choose EMC Education Group, LLC (EMCEG)?
There are several reasons: The pricing at EMC Education Group, LLC is affordable because the tutors are filling a need by working part-time.  EMC Education Group, LLC has a proven record of success for both in school and out of school sessions since its inception. Finally, EMC Education Group, LLC service schools and school districts throughout the Houston Metropolitan area and districts in Texas.


What results can I expect as a result of coaching and modeling support for teachers?
Those teachers identified as in need of developing instructional pedagogy and delivery will receive personalized coaching regarding standards to be imparted to students. Coaches have expertise in English, math, ESL, science, and social studies, and work side by side with teachers in planning lessons, team teaching, and observing and providing constructive feedback to teachers being coached.


What type of professional development is provided by EMC Education Group, LLC?
EMC Education Group, LLC provides personalized staff development as requested by schools and districts. The professional development provided by EMCEG covers all content areas: ELAR, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, and ELL in addition to Classroom Management, Reader's and Writer's Workshops, Using the Math Calculator, Cooperative Learning, Rigor and Relevance in Instruction, and more.


What can EMC Education Group, LLC offer leaders?
EMC Education Group, LLC can help leaders develop and enhance their leadership skills through one-on-one coaching and mentoring, understanding and utilizing data to drive instruction, and building capacity in all campus stakeholders.


What kind of tutoring program do we offer?
EMC Education Group, LLC offers tutoring for students in grades K-12, in Math, ELA, Social Studies and Science. The tutoring is objective based and focuses on the students' curriculum. Students are given a pre and post test to determine growth in identified areas needing acceleration.  Based on need, students tutoring can be from four weeks to the end of the school year.

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